The WashWand is the ideal tool for washing and rinsing horses, dogs, ponies, livestock, and are even used on marine mammals!

wash-wand-greenThe WashWand tool sprays water perpendicularly from the spray bar directly down and into an animal’s coat, lifting sweat, dirt, dander and shampoo away from the body. The “patented” sweat scraper edges simultaneously allow you to sweep dirty water away from the animal’s body. This saves time, money and water while getting animals SUPER clean!

A 4-foot section of ½” diameter hose between the WashWand and your garden hose makes it lightweight and easy to manage at all angles. Water pressure is controlled by the attached on/off switch.


The tool is made from extruded aluminum and is powder coated for years of high quality durability. Washwands are made for one size fits all. One wand is all you need for all your animal cleaning needs. It comes in both green and pink aluminum models to fit any one of you color preferences as well.